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Marketing For The Many, Not The Few

Firstly – apologies for the blatant plagiarising of the Labour campaign slogan, but as Jeremy Corbyn has recently shown – there has never been a better time to use social media to engage and inspire an entirely new audience.

As marketers, it always amazes us that a company will commit time and money to have a professionally built website which is engaging, and encompasses all the latest security and responsive web design requirements only to then sit back and wonder where all the customers are!

Here at Chester Marketing Solutions, we have a saying “if we build it will they find it”. The most important element of any new website is how best to market it; getting the message out there and attracting potential customers is as important as it has always been but has never been more affordable.

Social media offers a huge range of opportunities for companies looking to sell products or services, and the cost of engaging new customers has never been so cheap. A small budget now has the potential to reach huge audiences, and even a totally new company can instantly be at the forefront. Doing this a few years ago – via printed media, leaflets or radio – would have cost more than most small companies could afford, have suffered from slow take-up, a lack of ability to target the right customers, and could not have been accurately monitored (if at all).

While social media offers new opportunities, it needs to be handled professionally. Content should be regularly updated and kept relevant, with resources such as blogs, Facebook and YouTube offering the potential to reach new leads and build up an audience of opted in customers. If all this sounds too time consuming then we can do the hard work and planning for you – why not give us a call or email today, and hear more about how we can help you use social media to grow your business.



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