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Printed Brochures or the PDF?

Traditional print dead? Don’t you believe it! There is something engraved in our psyche that enjoys holding and reading a well-crafted brochure, especially for high-value products such as cars, holidays and furniture.

People generally spend more time researching and deliberating over the purchase of high-end products and experiences than they do their new home. That family break, the new set of wheels, a wardrobe to fit that ever-expanding shoe collection – they won’t be bought on a whim, they’ll often be deliberated over, and for a long time. A printed, rather than PDF brochure, better suits this process.

We’re told everything is now digital: brochures for products and services can be a downloadable PDF, with no need for costly print – and certainly this format will suit some customers. But what a shame to have nurtured and built up your brand, and to have had a brochure professionally designed, photographed and copy written, for it to only end up as a black and white print out, 2 pages per sheet, awash with white lines and ink streaks because a potential customer’s decrepit printer’s playing up again.

We recently received a new car brochure, something we had shown interest in at an earlier date. With feet up, and a cup of coffee at hand, how refreshing it was to be able to view photographs in the colour and quality that the photographer intended, with legible text, clearly printed in the right font and size. And this quality print would not have been expensive: printed traditional lithography, with long-run print.

But what of the small print run for a specialist product or service? Short-run digital print has changed beyond recognition over the last few years, and is now of such a high quality, your customers won’t notice the difference between a short- and long-run printed product.  Anything from just a few copies to a few hundred, can now be very affordable.

At Chester Marketing Solutions we’ve a long and proud history of working with quality printers from digital and litho printing, to long-run web. Why not contact Chester Marketing Solutions today, to discuss how we can help you to develop your corporate identity, and strengthen your unique brand.



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